This is it!
3 Weeks to go till the “Big Easy” this includes some information you are going to find really useful, the course outline, distances and estimated times, as well as what will be at the aide stations.
As we get closer we want to give you as much information as possible to help you prepare the best you can and take some of the workload out of the event weekend, especially during registration.
This is the same course as last year with the finish line in Luggate, which will be a great place to hang out. In regards to having children at the finish line – there is plenty of space for them to come and support you, but there is a creek running alongside the finish line, and cars coming and going throughout the day from the car park, so make sure that you are aware of where the kids are.
Weather – the long range forecast is looking like good and hot weather again this year. Last year, the event was on in the HOTTEST day of the summer. So it’s a good reminder that it is Summer, anything could happen out there. Our main concern is dehydration and overheating, and it is difficult for crew vehicles to get to places on the course quickly.
We suggest you plan to carry plenty of water, and electrolytes, even though there are aide stations on course, it is hard to cater to the extreme heat like there was last year.
Compulsory Gear – included in this newsletter is the final compulsory gear list. This is the gear you must carry for all the event. You’ll note that everyone has to carry the same gear in each category / event regardless of your start time. Please ensure you have all the gear with you and use it accordingly. There will be random gear checks, and all the first finishers will be checked. Would be a bugger to be disqualified after you’ve just won your category!

Minimum Gear: Yep it could well be 30+ degrees at the finish but up at 2000m above sea level it could very easily be windy and feel absolutely freezing. if you take a wee tumble and have to sit and wait to be rescued you will appreciate the extra layers! So make sure you take them with you:

  • Mid-weight fleece or merino thermal top (you can easily pull over your cycle top)
  • Seam-sealed (waterproof) jacket. Shell is fine.
  • Also – spare tube, pump/gas canister.
Event T-Shirts
Last CHANCE to get a T-shirt – must order by Monday 14th Jan 2019.
This year we are scaling back the ‘busyness’ of our dry-fit T-Shirt which will have the Big Easy logo on left lapel.
Sizes are:
XS – (approx sizing 8)
S – (approx sizing 10)
M – (approx sizing 12)
L – (approx sizing 14)
XL – (approx sizing 16)
There will be limited opportunities to swap your tops out to a new size as we will only have 1-2 extras in each size so please go to the website and check the sizing there –
Briefing notes – the briefing will be held 15mins before race start – you need to be there – I will have last minute info and updates- but these are the key things you need to know from the briefing – might as well read them now our helicopter call-outs for injuries have halved with an emphasis on  these details!

Race starts at 10am. There will be $100 for the Hole-Shot as you head off south this year for a stunning wee 1ok rollercoaster loop around some snowfarm trails. You come back passed the lodge – great for spectators then after a couple of zigs and zags you’ll be down in the upper reaches of the Roaring Meg creek and start working your way north then east to Mt Pisa. This is mostly very rideable though it is a steady up-hill ride. There might be a couple of points you have to get off and push for a minute or two.  After about 22km you get to the ‘Top Aid station’ if the weather is very rough we may move this aid station a kilometre down a bit into some shelter. You will be able to restock with water/electrolyte,  here. Another water station 10k further (half way down the hill) so you will have to have some water carrying capacity with you. For rubbish reasons there will NOT be any cups at the aid stations – they are there to re-fill your own bottles/bladders.

Once you start going down the track becomes quite a bit worse than what you were riding up on on the way up. Please take care!! Unless you’re a pro or you’ve ridden this race a few times before, you really need to treat it like a fun ride and RIDE WITH CARE. There are deep ruts in the track, there are boulder fields and random rocks, there is Spare-grass, there is loose gravel, patches of mud… and the most dangerous of all… nice steep firm packed dirt 4WD tracks with channels across them to direct the water off the track. These channels are equally good at redirecting MTBs skyward – so keep your eyes open and ride within your actual abilities not your perceived abilities.

Once down off the hill you have a sweet 5km of flat to the finish! No slog back to Albert town anymore. We have a local community group providing you with a post race Pizza and Craft Beer. No meal tickets just take your race number up to get your plate/drink

A couple more things;
  • There will be water, electrolytes, and food at the aide stations –
  • If you come across an accident it is important that you stop and help, send the next rider down to alert the nearest marshal. If you have a phone you can right the race director on 021 284 6844 or if an emergency ring 111! Cheers.
Take it easy getting to the event and we’ll see you on the 26th (25th if registering on the Friday).